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    "When you need the best!"
    John is the best attorney to have in your corner. He is kind, sharp, knowledgeable and dedicated. He is no nonsense and a true professional in his field. I don’t think my ex will ever attempt to mess with me again after he knew I hired the best attorney and had him pay back my legal fees. I am forever thankful!
    - Danni
    "Genius divorce lawyer"

    John Schutz is a brilliant lawyer. Not only did Mr. Schutz do an excellent job cleaning up the mess from the previous lawyer, he in my estimation was key in me ultimately obtaining a very good outcome. I had a very contentious divorce and the opposing lawyer was very unprofessional and somewhat abusive. Mr. Schutz through his professionalism and excellent people skills was able to reign in the opposing attorney's unprofessional conduct. Mr. Schutz ran circles around the opposing attorney as he was always prepared and was quick on his feet. He is well worth the money in my opinion. Due to his skill and the ability to outclass the opposing attorney, a trial was avoided which ultimately would have been far more costly. Highly recommend.

    - Elizabeth
    "Impeccable lawyer with an outstanding staff."
    I can not begin to express the gratitude and appreciation I have for Mr.Schutz. His knowledge and expertise were always on point which made my whole legal process go smoothly. His calm and confident demeanor put me at ease. Mr. Schutz and his staff were in constant contact with me throughout my legal process and they were always prepared. I highly recommend him for any family legal matters needed.
    - Anonymous
    "Eternally grateful."
    Amazing attorney. So much class and confidence in the courtroom. Brilliant in terms of the law. Couldn't be happier with how John handled my case. Eternally grateful.
    - Candace
    "Mr. Schutz and his staff are communicative, sympathetic, and hard-working."
    Mr. Schutz is very knowledgeable about marital and family law. Mr. Schutz and his staff are communicative, sympathetic, and hard-working. I highly recommend Mr. Schutz should you ever need representation in a family law matter.
    - Robyn
    "Knows exactly how to approach a case."
    Coming from someone who has never really had great experience with attorneys, John was above and beyond in court. He completely dominates his specialty, thinks of everything, is unbelievably well-versed in the law and knows exactly how to approach a case without getting caught up in the awful and uncomfortable details that make litigation so depraved. Since hiring him I never felt taken advantage of, or unsettled. I always felt that he had me best interest and used the law to express that. There is not one minute in court were I felt uneasy about his approach. He was brilliant, calm and had an extremely confident demeanor. I can't thank him enough for keeping my babies here with me in a custody/relocation case that had been really ugly and toxic for many years before hiring him. Today in court, John was my hero and my husband and I can sleep well, knowing he fought for us.
    - C.C.
    "Mr. Schutz is a true professional."
    Mr. John Schutz is an excellent lawyer. I live in Peru and was not able to get any timesharing with my kids who have lived in Florida for 8 years. Mr. Schutz took on my case and made my dream possible. My children visited me in Peru for the first time in 8 years and I will be able to spend Christmas with them too here in Peru. I will be forever grateful.
    - Anonymous
    "Great attorney!"
    Mr. Shutz is an exceptional attorney who always has your best interests at heart. He is beyond professional and motivated in helping you meet your needs in the court room!
    - Kathi
    "I highly recommend John Schutz."
    Mr. Schutz represented me in a highly contentious case wherein my ex-wife falsely alleged child abuse and many other horrible things to gain advantage. She spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in hiring a team of attorneys, forensic accountants, HR Specialists, and real estate appraisers. It was a funny sight in court….just me and John versus their entire Army. Even more amusing was how he so brilliantly and efficiently undermined all of the opposing team’s positions. The CPA’s 401K valuation was thrown out, the vocational evaluator’s opinion was rejected, I got the house and equal timesharing with my child. My home controls where our child attends school. We won on all counts…. Alimony was unavoidable, though the amount she was awarded was significantly less in amount and duration than what she was demanding. If you have the means to ‘Invest in the Best,’ I highly recommend John Schutz.
    - Mark
    "Hire this attorney! He's ten steps ahead of the competition and AMAZING in court!"
    I recommend Mr. Schutz without any reservations whatsoever. He is the ideal divorce attorney to have ON YOUR SIDE! Mr. Schutz is a fast thinker, he's always well-prepared, appropriately confident, and knows how to present a case to get the results you're looking for! Hire this attorney without giving it a second thought!
    - Anonymous
    "Compassionate and understanding."
    During a very difficult time in our lives, John explained the process, held my hand, but gave me no nonsense advice. He was compassionate and understanding and very available no matter when I needed him. Thank you John!!!!
    - Lisa
    "Solid as a rock."
    John Schutz personally represented me & I can honestly say that he was solid as a rock for me during a time & process when I was not sure what to expect or how things may unfold. Explained the process to me every step of the way. Compassionate & understanding but at the same time was Rock solid with an unwavering backbone which truly helps along the way.
    I appreciated & valued his services so much that he is truly the only divorce attorney that I recommended to any of my clients or personal friends which may be in need of a Marital Law expert.
    - Martin
    "I could not have asked for better!"
    I found myself needing Mr. Schutz's services last year after attempting to file a restraining order by myself. He quickly caught himself up on my situation, made sure I knew exactly what information I needed to provide to make my case stand and most importantly helped me to feel safe again. Mr. Schutz worked with me during his lunch hour and even stayed late to make sure we were ready to present before the judge. When the person I was filing the order against kept not showing up to court, Mr. Schutz never showed impatience nor did he ever show the slightest hint of being unprofessional in his responses to this pattern of negative behavior. I hope I never have to go through that again but if I did or if I had to deal with anything even close to that again Mr. Schutz will be the first phone call I make!
    - Ashley
    "Great attorney!"
    I have to say that John was by my side the entire way. Explained procedures and kept me informed. I recommend him highly. In addition, he was well-prepared, respected by the judge and his staff, and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome
    - Stuart
    "Handled my matter with the utmost professionalism every step of the way."

    In early 2016 I was represented by another attorney in a recently opened timeshare modification matter & I had quickly lost confidence in said attorney's abilities to handle my case with my best interest in mind. I began looking for better representation and looked to some close family friends who knew my situation well in the family law community for a referral. All of them came back with only one name, John F. Schutz.

    Upon meeting with John for a consultation, it literally took 10 minutes to realize I had found the attorney I needed to handle my matter. After I briefly explained my situation to John, he addressed all of my questions & concerns before I could go through my list of questions & concerns. Everything I had been told about John as well as everything I had read in his reviews were very quickly confirmed.

    John & his staff handled my matter with the utmost professionalism every step of the way. Custody issues can be frustrating at times and when those times presented themselves, John was always there to advise me on the best way possible to handle them. With John's help I was able to secure an outcome to my matter that all other attorneys I had previously spoken with said was not possible.

    I would highly recommend John Schutz to anyone with a family law matter as I honestly believe that John's legal representation is unmatched.

    - Paulo