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Compassionate Advocacy to Protect Your Best Interests

At John F. Schutz, P.L., our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients resolve family law issues in Palm Beach County and throughout Florida. 

We understand the stress and anxiety accompanying family law issues and are committed to providing compassionate legal guidance and personalized service. Whether you are contemplating divorce, need to file your petition with the court, or are involved in a post-divorce dispute over a child-related issue or alimony, or face some other family law matter, we can help. 

Our firm has the legal experience to help you solve your family law problem and get through this challenging time in your life. We offer options for dispute resolution outside of court to save you time, money, and duress, as well as proven trial skills for litigated cases. 

Discuss your case directly with a Palm Beach family lawyer. You can book your confidential consultation by contacting us online or at (561) 677-2462

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Our Florida Family Law Services

 Our firm handles a wide range of family law matters, including: 

  • AlimonyWe can help you seek or contest this legal financial support obligation after divorce.
  • AppealsOur team can assist with the appeals process of your family law case to a higher court.
  • Child CustodyWe work to help you create a fair and just custody arrangement that aligns with the child’s best interests.
  • Child RelocationOur firm represents parents seeking and contesting move-aways involving a shared child.
  • Child SupportLet us fight for a fair support payment that aligns with Florida guidelines while considering all financial factors.
  • DivorceDivorce cases can encompass many complexities, including legal, financial, emotional, and logistical considerations. It's important to approach each case with sensitivity and professionalism, considering the unique circumstances and needs of the individuals involved.
    • Collaborative DivorceCollaborative Law is a legal approach that prioritizes cooperation and negotiation in resolving disputes, particularly in family law matters like divorce. Overall, Collaborative Law can be an effective and less adversarial approach to resolving family law disputes, particularly when preserving relationships and the emotional well-being of all parties, especially children, is a priority.
  • Marital AgreementsOur team can help you negotiate, draft, and implement legal contracts defining financial rights, responsibilities, and property distribution.
    • Postnuptial Agreements. These contracts are made between spouses after the wedding to resolve asset division issues in case of death or divorce. 
    • Prenuptial Agreements. These written agreements are negotiated and created before marriage to establish property rights during the marriage and in the event of death or divorce.
  • Marital Property DivisionDividing assets and debt in divorce can be contentious. Our team can help you resolve this often complicated financial matter. 
  • MediationThis voluntary dispute-resolution method is often used in divorce and other family law proceedings. Our firm offers extensive experience using this process.
  • PaternityWe represent unmarried parents seeking to establish paternity, which can be the first step toward child support and custody orders. 
  • Parental RightsWe fight for your parental rights in all family law issues, from child support to custody, including cases that cross state or international borders. 
  • International Custody & Child AbductionOur team can represent you in cross-border disputes and situations where a child is taken across international borders without proper consent. Our firm has handled numerous Hague Convention cases. 

The Importance of Hiring a Local Family Law Attorney

Hiring a local family law attorney can be crucial for several reasons:

  • Familiarity with Local Laws: Family law can vary significantly from one state or jurisdiction to another. A local attorney will have in-depth knowledge of the specific laws and regulations that apply to your case in your area. This can be especially important for issues like divorce, child custody, and support, where state laws can have a significant impact on the outcome.
  • Court Experience: Local attorneys are likely to have experience working with the judges, court staff, and other attorneys in your area. This familiarity can give them insights into how the local courts operate and what strategies are most effective in front of local judges.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Working with a local attorney can make the legal process more convenient. You can meet in person more easily, and they will be more readily available for hearings, meetings, and other necessary interactions related to your case.
  • Understanding of Local Resources: Local attorneys often have connections with other professionals in the area, such as mediators, therapists, or financial advisors, who can be valuable resources in family law cases. They can help you access the support you need beyond legal representation.
  • Cost-Effective Representation: While the cost of legal representation is always a consideration, hiring a local attorney can sometimes be more cost-effective. They may have lower overhead costs compared to larger firms, which could result in more affordable legal fees.
  • Personalized Attention: Local attorneys often have smaller caseloads compared to larger firms, which means they can provide more personalized attention to your case. This can be especially important in family law matters where the details of your situation can have a significant impact on the outcome.

Hiring a local family law attorney can provide you with the expertise, resources, and personalized attention you need to navigate your family law case effectively. Their local knowledge and experience can be invaluable assets as you work to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

Experienced Counsel for All Types of Family Law Matters

Whether you are going through a high-conflict or low-conflict divorce or other family law dispute, you need an attorney who can help you resolve your case in a way that is best for you and your family. 

At John F. Schutz, P. L., we have helped thousands of clients resolve their family law issues and move on with their lives. We understand how emotionally and financially stressful family law issues can be and are dedicated to helping our clients resolve their cases as amicably as possible.

Let us use our extensive experience and resources to work for you in resolving issues that can impact you and your family for years. 

Reach out to a team member at (561) 677-2462 to learn more today. 

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Hear From Our Happy Clients

Serving Palm Beach Gardens, FL Since 2001

    "Knows exactly how to approach a case."
    Coming from someone who has never really had great experience with attorneys, John was above and beyond in court. He completely dominates his specialty, thinks of everything, is unbelievably well-versed in the law and knows exactly how to approach a case without getting caught up in the awful and uncomfortable details that make litigation so depraved. Since hiring him I never felt taken advantage of, or unsettled. I always felt that he had me best interest and used the law to express that. There is not one minute in court were I felt uneasy about his approach. He was brilliant, calm and had an extremely confident demeanor. I can't thank him enough for keeping my babies here with me in a custody/relocation case that had been really ugly and toxic for many years before hiring him. Today in court, John was my hero and my husband and I can sleep well, knowing he fought for us.
    - C.C.
    "Mr. Schutz and his staff are communicative, sympathetic, and hard-working."
    Mr. Schutz is very knowledgeable about marital and family law. Mr. Schutz and his staff are communicative, sympathetic, and hard-working. I highly recommend Mr. Schutz should you ever need representation in a family law matter.
    - Robyn
    "Eternally grateful."
    Amazing attorney. So much class and confidence in the courtroom. Brilliant in terms of the law. Couldn't be happier with how John handled my case. Eternally grateful.
    - Candace
    "Hire this attorney! He's ten steps ahead of the competition and AMAZING in court!"
    I recommend Mr. Schutz without any reservations whatsoever. He is the ideal divorce attorney to have ON YOUR SIDE! Mr. Schutz is a fast thinker, he's always well-prepared, appropriately confident, and knows how to present a case to get the results you're looking for! Hire this attorney without giving it a second thought!
    - Anonymous
    "I highly recommend John Schutz."
    Mr. Schutz represented me in a highly contentious case wherein my ex-wife falsely alleged child abuse and many other horrible things to gain advantage. She spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in hiring a team of attorneys, forensic accountants, HR Specialists, and real estate appraisers. It was a funny sight in court….just me and John versus their entire Army. Even more amusing was how he so brilliantly and efficiently undermined all of the opposing team’s positions. The CPA’s 401K valuation was thrown out, the vocational evaluator’s opinion was rejected, I got the house and equal timesharing with my child. My home controls where our child attends school. We won on all counts…. Alimony was unavoidable, though the amount she was awarded was significantly less in amount and duration than what she was demanding. If you have the means to ‘Invest in the Best,’ I highly recommend John Schutz.
    - Mark
    "Great attorney!"
    Mr. Shutz is an exceptional attorney who always has your best interests at heart. He is beyond professional and motivated in helping you meet your needs in the court room!
    - Kathi
    "Mr. Schutz is a true professional."
    Mr. John Schutz is an excellent lawyer. I live in Peru and was not able to get any timesharing with my kids who have lived in Florida for 8 years. Mr. Schutz took on my case and made my dream possible. My children visited me in Peru for the first time in 8 years and I will be able to spend Christmas with them too here in Peru. I will be forever grateful.
    - Anonymous
    "Genius divorce lawyer"

    John Schutz is a brilliant lawyer. Not only did Mr. Schutz do an excellent job cleaning up the mess from the previous lawyer, he in my estimation was key in me ultimately obtaining a very good outcome. I had a very contentious divorce and the opposing lawyer was very unprofessional and somewhat abusive. Mr. Schutz through his professionalism and excellent people skills was able to reign in the opposing attorney's unprofessional conduct. Mr. Schutz ran circles around the opposing attorney as he was always prepared and was quick on his feet. He is well worth the money in my opinion. Due to his skill and the ability to outclass the opposing attorney, a trial was avoided which ultimately would have been far more costly. Highly recommend.

    - Elizabeth

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