Understanding The Impact Of Divorce On Children

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For parents in Florida and elsewhere, children often take the center stage in their lives. This comes as no surprise, and children are frequently catered to when their parents make major life decisions. Divorce is no exception. In fact, parents that go through divorce often consider ways to make it easier on the children and ensure that his or her best interests are met and protected along the way. But the intention to not impact a child during dissolution is often an aspiration. The fact is that divorce is a major event and will likely have a lasting impact on children no matter what lengths parents go through.

And while an amicable or contentious process will impact a child, this still does not mean that divorcing or divorced parents cannot take steps to reduce these potential harms. By taking three steps, divorcing parents can ease the process of going through a one-home family to a two-home family. These steps can also promote a better environment for the child and even help the parenting relationship between the divorcing parents.

First, divorced parents need to reduce or completely eliminate any negative talk about their ex. And while this can seem tough, especially during a heated or difficult divorce, parents should at least avoid talking ill about their former-spouse in front of the children. And no matter the age of the child, it is important to refrain from exposing or involving them in your adult issues.

Next, parents need to be sensitive to the matter. Children will never see the matter the way you do, and when you alter their life, you need to be sensitive to their concerns and questions. Additionally, when new significant others are introduced or a stepparent is added to their life, parents need to understand this is not an easy change or situation. Thus, it is important to be open, honest and compassionate.

Finally, parents should provide reassurance to their children. Even though their parents are no longer together, a child is still able to be loved by both and live a happy life with each parent. A child should also understand that they don’t have to choose between both parents. A child custody agreement can be altered to meet their changing needs.

Divorcing with children is never easy, but it is a situation often faced by parents across the nation. Thus, it is important to enter and progress through the process with an open mind and the tools need to address any arising problems.

Source: Consumeraffairs.com, “Tips for keeping kids’ needs at the forefront during a divorce,” Sarah D. Young, July 21, 2017

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