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Divorce requires individuals to carryout tasks he or she either never expected or care to do. However, the divorce process is for adults, and acting like an adult making adult decisions is vital throughout the process. Nonetheless, the challenges, emotions and difficult changes involved in dissolution can make it hard to always act like an adult. In some cases, spouses in Florida and elsewhere might act spiteful and purposefully make it harder on their ex. A hostile divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved. And if parents seek to have a shared parenting relationship, it is best to put these differences aside and act like an adult.

co-parenting arrangement is deemed one of the most successful and effective child custody agreement divorced parents can enter into. It provides equal access to both parents and emphasizes the parents’ ability to communicate and work together for the sake of their child. However, the success of a co-parenting relationship relies on both parents acting a certain way.

In order to promote an effective and successful co-parenting relationship, parents need to remain professional. If that means looking at it as a business relationship, then so be it. But both parents are there for the children, so it should continually be about the children. It is also imperative that parents communicate clearly. This means developing an open communication policy whether it is through text or in person. This allows both parents to be on the same page, especially when it comes to pick-ups, drop offs and changes to the schedule.

Other factors can improve co-parenting. This includes keeping the other parent up-to-date on impending changes, such as vacations or work conflicts. Additionally, parents should try to be as flexible as they can. While this might be uncomfortable for some, the unwillingness to budge will only generate conflict. Trying to find a middle ground is always best. Finally, parents should also expect to encounter disagreements. This is only natural. However, even if conflicts arise, it is important to keep the children out of them.

Parents want what is best for their children. This is true even when parents are divorced, and divorce cannot prevent a parent from meeting the needs of their children. If you are seeking to include a co-parenting arrangement in your divorce order, it is important to understand what this looks like between you and your ex. This also means being fully aware of your rights in the matter and what can be done to resolve and conflicts in the process.

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