6 Major Causes of Divorce

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A recent statistic from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 22% of married couples will experience some form of marital disruption (separation, divorce, or death) during their first five years of marriage. The statistic also shows that after 20 years of marriage, 53% of couples will have experienced marital disruption. Couples often state that the six major reasons for divorce are infidelity, money issues, addiction, extraordinary circumstances, incompatibility, and irreconcilable differences.

  1. Infidelity. Physical and emotional affairs are one of the main drivers of divorce today. Social media usage has led to an uptick in the number of divorces, and has changed the landscape of how people connect privately and online. Cheating is often seen as one of the biggest betrayals a marriage can face. Destroying trust, especially in an already floundering relationship, can lead to the demise of a once happy union.
  2. Money Issues. Financial burdens can place stress on any relationship, and in marriage can lead to fighting and marital disruption down the road. Many couples state that their biggest arguments over money are based around how they spend it.
  3. A variety of addictions can lead a couple to separate, including alcohol, sex, opioids, shopping, and work. Addiction rewires the brain causing a shift in a person’s priorities, often causing havoc for the entire family unit. Through counseling, hard work, and various other resources, couples can sometimes come through addiction stronger than before.
  4. Extraordinary Circumstances. Life tends to throws curveballs, and unforeseen stressors can bring even the strongest couples to a breaking point. Events like the death of a family member, disease diagnosis, and the loss of job can be too much for some marriages to bear.
  5. Friction is bound to occur between couples if their views don’t align on life’s big issues. Differences in ideals related to core values, religion, and lifestyle can greatly affect a marriage. If these ideals are not discussed before tying the knot, they may rear their ugly head down the road. For example, your spouse could be offered a job in a different state and you do not want to leave your current home, causing friction. Personality changes and shifting ideology over time between couples can also lead to incompatibility. The “person” you married may not be the “person” you are currently married to.
  6. Irreconcilable Differences. There are many other differences and problems specific to each couple that cannot be worked out, and both parties may consider their marriage to be broken as a result.

All couples will experience challenges and problems throughout the course of their relationship. The survivability of their union will often be based on how they come together to deal with issues that determine whether their relationship will thrive or end.

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