Drama Surrounding South Florida Circumcision Case Coming To An End

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After nearly a three year long legal battle between Heather Hironimus and Dennis Nebus, the drama surrounding the circumcision of their son Chase is finally coming to an end.

Hironimus and Nebus were never married, but in 2012 they signed a parenting agreement plan which would gave Nebus the right to schedule and pay for their son’s circumcision. However, after signing the agreement, Hironimus changed her mind and went to court to block the procedure. The Court did not see eye to eye with Hironimus and ruled in favor of Chase’s father, Dennis Nebus. Nebus was allowed to go forward with the circumcision consistent with the contract signed by the mother years earlier agreeing to the procedure. Instead of turning Chase over to his father as ordered by the judge, Hironimus disappeared for over two months and took her son into hiding at a Broward County domestic violence shelter.

In March, a warrant for Hironimus’s arrest was issued for interfering with child custody and she was arrested on May 14, 2015. Prior to her incarceration, Hironimus filed a civil rights lawsuit citing that circumcision violated her son’s Christian faith. The case surrounding Chase’s circumcision has generated national attention and caused many to debate whether or not circumcision is a human rights issue.

Shortly after her arrest, Hironimus voluntarily dismissed the case fighting against Chase’s circumcision and signed medical consent forms allowing for the procedure to take place. It was made clear by the presiding judge that Hironimus would not be released from jail until doing so. The 4th District Court of Appeal upheld the judge’s decision and did not make any comments on the case. Custody of Chase has been transferred to his father, and both parents are under gag orders which will prevent them from discussing the case.

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