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When people ask, “what do you do?” and I reply, “I am an attorney,” the follow-up question is always “where?”I joined Schutz & White, LLP in August of this year.  As the newest attorney, I commenced my job with great confidence, having received a full academic scholarship from law school.  Quickly, I discovered I still have much to learn, but fortunately I have some of the best attorneys to learn from.  Both partners of our firm are Fellows of the highly respected American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and have dedicated their careers to the study and practice of matrimonial law.  Our associate attorneys have practiced exclusively family law since graduating from law school.All four attorneys advise one another and every person at Schutz & White, attorney or paralegal, is committed to each client we represent.Our practice in West Palm Beach, Florida handles a broad range of practice areas, including divorce, mediation, collaborative law, alimony, child custody, spousal support and modification, as well as prenuptial agreements and paternity cases.   Our goal, in every case, is to secure the brightest financial future for our clients and to shelter children from the effects of divorce.Learn more about Sandra

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John Schutz

Representing clients exclusively in family law cases for the past 24 years, Mr. Schutz is widely regarded as a marital and family law expert. He is Board Certified in marital and family law by The Florida Bar. As a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), Mr. Schutz is committed to elevating the standards and improving the practice of family law.

John Schutz

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